Most common questions asked at the LVBC booth

Yesterday we posted the most common comments heard at the booth.  Today, here are the most common questions we were asked.

  1. Can I have one of the candies or Cliff Bars?
    Answer:   Yes you can!
  2.  What does the La Verne Bicycle Coalition Do?
    Answer:  We are focused specifically on La Verne and encouraging / advocating for La Verne to become a better / safer place for bicycles.  
  3. Do you have maps of bicycle routes in La Verne and surround area?
    Answer: No, but we sure wish we did, and many cities do.   However, there is hope.   La Verne will soon begin creating a bike and pedestrian master plan.  La Verne also is still working on a grant to install bicycling improvements.  The Chamber of Commerce is preparing to produce maps of the La Verne, and will update it every two years.  We are hoping the next version will include bicycling routes around the city.
  4. Do you have rides we can participate in?
    Answer: Kinda.   If you look at the LVBC website we maintain a list of all the local groups that organize rides.  We also list all the rides that start/finish/travel through La Verne by day of the week they occur.  However, we are indeed planning on organizing and sponsoring rides in the future.  These will be low key, family friendly rides so stay tuned.
  5. How much are the T-shirts and can I get one?
    Answer: We’re all out, but we are planning on getting more.  We’re working on the details now but will announce when they are available and prices via our website, Facebook , Instagram and Newsletter.  We do agree, we have a really cool logo!
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