La Verne is Seeking Your Input to the Bicycling and Walking Plans

La Verne is looking for your input into their draft Active Transportation Plan.  Copies of the recommended bicycling and walking maps are now posted online, allowing public input and comments.   It is easy to use the online plans, and comments can be made simply by clicking on a location and adding your feedback   You can also look at comments made by others, and “Like” them to add your support.

The plan will be available for input until April 3rd.  The input will then be used to finalize the maps for the new Active Transportation Plan.  The Plan will then be incorporated into the General Plan, which will guide the priorities and projects of the city for the future.  This is a unique opportunity to ensure La Verne has a plan that encourages safe, comfortable options for transportation. Please take the time to share your input and recommendations.

To access the recommendation maps, click one of the two links below:
Bikeway Improvements Map
Walking Improvements Map

If you have any additional questions you can contact Principle Planner Candice Bowcock at or (909) 596-8706.

Update on Golden Hills Road - Changes are Coming

As a result of concern expressed by bicyclists, the new Golden Hills Road was discussed at the January Traffic & Safety Committee.  At the meeting, San Dimas initiated a traffic speed/volume study to determine what changes were appropriate. This study was conducted during February.

Today, at the March Traffic & Safety meeting, the results of the study were reviewed and members of La Verne Bicycle Coalition participated.   The study was conducted over a five day period and found that bicyclists accounted for 5-8% of the volume on the road, a number that was surprisingly high to the city.  Additionally, the 85% percentile speed was 39 mph, which is far above the 25 mph posted speed.

As a result of the study, San Dimas will be implementing the following:

  1. Bikes May Use Full Lane signage will be added in both directions.
  2. Approximately 2 feet of “Botts Dots” will be removed to provide bicyclist a clear path
  3. Although the observed speed would normally suggest increasing the speed limit to 35mph, the speed limit will remain at 25 mph due to the presence of bicyclists.

The changes are expected to take 4-6 weeks to implement.

These changes are the results of both bicyclists expressing their concerns to the city, and a willingness by the city to work with bicyclists to address their concerns.   

Minutes from the San Dimas January Traffic Safety Committee - Golden Hills Road

The minutes from the January 19 San Dimas Traffic Safety Committee meeting have been released. Within them is a detailed breakdown of the conversation that took place with some LVBC members and members of the committee. Although not all the quotes are 100% accurate (e.g. LVBC did not recommend “Share the Road”, rather recommended “Bikes May Use Full Lane”), the overall conversation is a good summary.

As previously reported in other posts, the traffic study appears to have been performed in February. However, it appears to have been performed during the week with heavy rain.

The results of the traffic study and next discussion regarding Golden Hills Road is planned for the March meeting of the Traffic Safety Committee, March 20, 9:30am San Dimas City Hall.

Active Transportation Plan Community Workshop Visuals

Below are the graphics used at La Verne’s Active Transportation Plan Community Workshop. Participants where then asked to provide verbal and written comments back to the consultants creating the plan.

The City and Consultants also plan to post the draft plan online allowing public comment and feedback. Look for this opportunity to occur in the near future.

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