First Mile / Last Mile plans for the Gold-Line

Through the last year, a group of consultants commissioned by the Gold Line Authority has been developing a “First Mile / Last Mile” plan for the areas surrounding the new Gold Line Stations. The intent is to develop plans and options that will encourage people to travel to/from the Gold Line stations comfortably, reducing the need for a vehicle. This reflects a much more evolved approach as some previous stations have opened without supporting plans and the cities are struggling to retrofit/encourage bicycling & pedestrian access to the stations.

Many members of the community (including La Verne Bicycle Coalition) provided input and review into the plan as it was developed. The final product provides a glimpse into how the Gold Line can dramatically change the City, including significant improvement for walking/biking. Some of the components are already in progress through the Bicycle Gap Closure Project (e.g. Bonita), and others will be integrated into the future Active Transportation Plan currently being developed by the City, projects and possible grants. The plan can be found here, (the La Verne section begins on Page 97): Gold Line Extension First Mile / Last Mile