La Verne Candidate Responses - Background

Candidate Survey Question #1

Background:  Please tell us about your experience walking or bicycling through La Verne as either transportation or recreation.

Mayoral Candidate Responses

Don Kendrick
Rode my bike to school in La Verne.  Some recreation riding on vacations.

Tim Hepburn
With the new bike lanes it has made it safer for all of us

Zach Gibson
I’ve been an avid biker in the city since I could ride. I bike for exercise mainly now, but as a kid it was my main method of transportation whether it was to go get comics and books or to get donuts or go to the park, and am starting to integrate riding back into my routine. I do walk a good amount, but with my bad knees, biking is a better option for me personally. For exercise, I usually bike a specific route - my house to Puddingstone, up to San Dimas Canyon Road, and back.

City Council Candidate Responses

Jeremy Milici
This is actually a great question for myself. I moved here to La Verne at the age of 4 and let me tell you, I’ve been riding ever since then. I would ride to school everyday while I attended Romona and Bonita High. I was and still am heavily into BMX, spending a great deal of time at our local skatepark along with riding all of our local trails. Til this day I find Marshall Canyon extremely fun, especially if you begin your ride all the way up at Marshall Canyon Golf Course and finish down by foothill. Then after leaving the dirt trail, I go ahead and take wheeler all the way down to puddingstone, thus transferring onto those dirt trails. I also helped build the “emerald dirt jumps” which are hidden to the side of one of the sections of marshall canyon (sort of near Ridgeview Dr. off of Esperanza). 

Kenny Chang
I have not bike around the city of La verne, but I have hike every other weekend for recreation purposes. I have walked at old town La Verne, after dining around the area.

Rich Gill
As a young teen I walked and rode my Bicycle to Ramona Intermediate in the 70’s, I continued using this transportation until I was able to Drive. Today when I walk I normally trek to the San Dimas Canyon Park as it is close to me. My 3 Back surgeries received during my military career has made bike riding uncomfortable.

Rick Crosby
My wife and I, with our two kids, ride bikes around La Verne all the time. we go to the movies, out to dinner or get yogurt.  We also like to take our dogs on walks through Marshall Canyon Trail.

Wally Emory
My wife Pamela walk our dog (Molly) around our neighborhood. In my younger years I rode my road bike often ant so much ano ways.

Wendy Lau
I take my dog for walks in the city and like to take runs when I can. I love the views and I love seeing people out and about.