La Verne Candidate Responses - Bicycle Gap Closure Project

Candidate Survey Question #4

Bicycle Gap Closure Project:  La Verne has long lagged other area cities in implementing bicycling infrastructure such as bike lanes.  Currently, the city is completing the implementation of improvements as result of the $1.9m Bicycle Gap Closure project primarily funded  by an ATP Cycle 2 grant. This will create a significant improvement.

Are you familiar with the streets and components included in this major project?  After completion, what additional improvements and steps would you like to see?

Mayoral Candidate Responses

Don Kendrick
As a member of the updated General Plan Advisory Committee, this was addressed.  Also, creating an Active Transportation Committee to address this and other detailed vision will help our City no longer lag behind other cities.  My hope is La Verne becomes an example for the creation of both biking and walking for other cities to model.

Tim Hepburn
I feel that even though we are implementing the ATP Cycle Grant we have not taken into consideration the effect of the loss of street parking that has been lost due to the bike lanes. I feel we need to modify this to make sure we try to be fair with all of the residents when it comes to all modes of transportation.

Zach Gibson
I am familiar with the project but my biggest concern would be safety at the intersection of Baseline and Foothill next to Mr. D’s. This is already a dangerous / accident prone area for cars, so it would be great to potentially explore alternate routes and additional bike lanes through high traffic areas that avoid some of these more dangerous, accident prone through-fares.

City Council Candidates

Jeremy Milici
I am indeed familiar with this project. As I had stated before, the lack of pedestrian safety awareness on many of our major streets contributes to local reluctance to participate in biking. Streets such as Bonita, Baseline, Wheeler, etc. are going to be improved by this local project. I believe this project mirrors much of what I have stated earlier on. The creation of a pedestrian friendly environment will positively affect our local residents. 

Along with main streets, improvements to local trails will also take place. This is something I am most excited about. La Verne should have an attractive trail which appeals not only to our own residents but also becomes a destination for others outside of our city. This will bring about more significance along with greater amounts of dollars spent here. Additionally, there should indeed be a primary focus on dedicating a great deal of this project to La Verne’s Gold Line Station. Riders will need a safe way to go about arriving to this station. There should also be a focus on the fact that many riders will be biking home after a day’s work (when it may become dark), thus requiring a good amount of safety preparation in order to ensure their ride home is accident free. 

Kenny Chang
I’m not familiar with the mentioned project. Very little information I can find in regard to this that related to La Verne. 

Rich Gill
At this point in time I was unaware of this project. Please send links to better give you a proper response.

Rick Crosby
After completion of the current project, La Verne will need to set aside funds for upkeep and prioritize future projects.

Wally Emory
Our current council has confused many times this is just one.  My question is where did that money go? 

Wendy Lau
I have some familiarity with the streets and components included in this major project. After completion, I would like to evaluate how the bike lanes are working, satisfaction with the same from cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike, as well as number of incidents (if any) both pre- and post-implementation of the improvements in order to apply those lessons learned to any new improvements or steps. It would be important to evaluate these components before identifying new improvements or steps.

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