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Candidate Survey Question #8

Bicycle Friendly Community:  The American League of Cyclists evaluates and recognizes Bike Friendly Businesses, Universities, and Communities.  The program does not cost. The University of La Verne has been recognized as a “Silver” level award winner, the City of  La Verne has not submitted an application. In an environment where the university is intermingled with the community, it is difficult for the University to reach its potential without a partnership with the community that surrounds it.   
Would you be willing to advocate and support La Verne applying to become a Bike Friendly Community?

Mayoral Candidates

Don Kendrick
Absolutely.  Quality of Life has long been the guiding light of La Verne.  This would increases the quality of life in La Verne in my opinion.

Tim Hepburn

Zach Gibson
I would love to see La Verne become a Bike Friendly Community. The city is a great place to spend outdoors. I would absolutely be willing to advocate for this application, and believe that it is our duty to support and encourage both physical activity and green transportation whenever possible.

City Council Candidates

Jeremy Milici
I’d be more than happy to help push the applying for Bike Friendly Community. I praise ULV for taking their steps to do so and would like to follow their efforts. This is indeed an environment where our university is tightly intermingled with our community and I really wish that ur city had taken more steps to improve this relationship early on. This relationship between City and University can offer a great deal of promise for our residents.

I will certainly push not only this initiative but far more cooperation and partnerships between our local government and ULV. It is important that we use our city’s relationships with various entities to the utmost extent, with Civil Service as our top priority.

Kenny Chang
Yes, partnership with our local community and university is crucial and I am willing to advocate and support.

Rich Gill
If elected I would ask why this application has not been submitted. Please note that if we do not get three incoming Council (1 Mayor and 2 Council Members) with the same ideas it will be difficult to make any changes.
I do agree that if it does not cost and it supports the College and the community it should be an asset to be added.

Rick Crosby
Especially when there is no cost involved, this program could highlight our great City of La Verne.

Wally Emory
If elected I will ask the city attorney  if that would be appropriate. 

Wendy Lau

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