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Active Transportation Plan
La Verne Active Tranportation Plan

La Verne’s firs dedicated Active Transportation Plan.  This outlines the high-level plan for a comprehensive and connected network to support walking and bicycling.  This will also be a sub-c0mponent of the revised General Plan, making it a guiding document for the future.

General Plan(Currently being updated)

General Plan Transportation Section 
This section of the current General Plan covering bicycling and walking.   Actions to improve bicycling can be found in Section 7.  This will be replaced with a new Mobility Section in the new General Plan once adopted in 2020.

LaVerne General Plan - Transportation Plan Graphic (being replaced) 
This graphic outlines where bike routes/trails are to be implemented according to the current General Plan. This will be replaced by the new Active Transporation Plan and Mobility Section in the new General Plan once adopted in 2020.

Website for the General Plan update project   
La Verne is in the process of updating its current General Plan and is expected to be completed in 2019.  The new General Plan is expected to have a much more progressive approach towards Active Transportation.

Complete Streets Policy
In November, 2017 the City adopted a Complete Streets Policy.  This Policy outlines expectations for all new streets, as well as reconstruction and maintenance projects.  It also outlines a clear exception policy that must be followed for a project to be granted an exception.   A copy of the Complete Streets Policy can be found here:  La Verne Complete Streets Policy 

First Mile / Last Mile for Gold Line Extension 
In May 2019, the Gold Line completed a study for the First Mile / Last Mile areas surrounding the new Gold Line stations.  Although labeled First Mile / Last Mile the scope actually is much larger (approximately a 3-mile radius of the stations.  The plan provides an excellent preview of the changes possible / coming with the Gold Line and includes a breakdown of projects to implement these changes.  It will become a key document for guiding investment, as well as provide a supporting document for future grants. The La Verne Section begins on page 97. Gold Line Extension First Mile / Last Mile 

Bicycle Commuter Gap Closure Project 
La Verne applied for and received an Active Transportation Grant for a project titled “Bicycle Commuter Gap Closure Project”.  The city is currently finalizing the design, and are expected to put the changes into effect in 2018 / 2019.

Link to grant application(ATP Cycle 2)
This is a link to the actual application submitted to receive the grant. 

The following maps outline Regional Bicycle Commuter Gap Closure Project scope

Original Scope from Grant Application



Revised Scope Presented to City Council 11/2016


Other plans
Several other City plans have sections addressing Active Transportation.   

Lordsburg Bike & Pedestrian Graphic
Published in 1992 and difficult to read details.  Future “Bikeways” are Bonita, D street and White Ave. 

Arrow Corridor Circulation Plan  
Updated in 2006

Old TownLaVerneSpecificPlan_Bike and Pedestrian Diagram
Published in March 2013. 

ULV Master Plan - Connectivity Diagram
Published November 2016

Overview of Bonita within City Documents
Bonita is often the street most requested for bicycling improvement, and its part of Citrus Regional Bikeway.  This graphic compares how Bonita has been handled in each of the plans published by the City.  In 2017, Bonita was repaved from Wheeler to White.  However, none of the improvements outlined in the published plans where implemented.