- A compiled view of plans for Active Transportation

It is well known that La Verne visibly lags other cities when it comes to “on the ground” bicycling infrastructure.  What is less known is that many of La Verne’s guiding documents have specific plans and diagrams outlining a fairly robust network of bike lanes and paths.  However, it can require a fair amount of effort to locate the various plans to create a complete picture.

The “Plans and Documents” of the “About La Verne” Section pulls all the biking/walking related sections of La Verne’s formal guiding documents into a single location.   This allows you to easily click on each, and see what was planned and compare them easily. 

Additionally, this page contains an overview of the Bicycle Gap Closure Project, a project that La Verne proposed as part of a grant application.   La Verne was successful in its application and is now in the design phase for this project.  Here you will find the original diagram proposed, a modified version presented to City Council and the full grant document.

La Verne is in the process of developing a new General Plan, as well as its first-ever Active Transportation Plan in 2018.  These are welcomed and anxiously anticipated improvements.  However, while they are likely to include more up-to-date designs (addressing the realities of the 210 freeway and the Gold line), most of the existing diagrams are likely to be incorporated as they are fairly logical.

Follow this link to take a quick look:  About La Verne - Plans and Documents

Help LVBC id groups and rides

La Verne has the benefit of being located in an area with many organized groups.  These groups plan a large number of group rides of all types (mountain and road), for all levels(from beginner to expert).   Not only do these provide opportunities to meet and ride with others, many of the groups start, finish or visit businesses in La Verne.

On its new website, LVBC is building a comprehensive view of the groups and the rides of interest.  A single view of all the groups in the surrounding area, along with contact information is available.  Additionally, a list of regularly - reoccurring rides that start/ finish/ visit or travel through La Verne has been developed, giving a quick view by day of the week.

You can find both lists, plus other information on where to ride here.


La Verne General Plan Survey

La Verne is currently developing a new General Plan which will set the priorities and direction of the City for the next 20 years.  Initial workshops have been encouraging as the need for safer and better bicycling/walking has been a prominent part of the discussion.  As part of the process, the City is now conducting a survey, and yes there are questions related to bicycling improvements, and opportunities to make suggestions.   This is an easy way to help shape what La Verne will look like in the coming years.  You can find the link to the survey here:

Bicycling on Foothill Blvd to get major improvements (in Claremont)

Claremont recently gave final approval to a major redesign of Foothill Blvd which will include pedestrian improvements and protected bike lanes (the first in the area?)  On the East end these will connect with the lanes recently implemented by Upland during their rehab.   La Verne currently has no plans to improve Foothill Blvd, and it was recently repaved and repainted in its prior configuration.  Foothill is also one of the streets with the highest number of bicycle involved collisions within the City. 

Claremont closer to $16 million rehabilitation of Foothill Boulevard

La Verne Online features discussion about Arrow Class 1 bike path / Class II bike lanes

La Verne online featured an article about the Class I / Class II bike lanes on Arrow Highway on its cover.  While there are many opinions about the options described, it is encouraging to see options to improve bicycling gaining visibility in La Verne.

COLLISION COURSE: La Verne’s Dream of Class 1 Bike Paths Derailed by Gold Line Project

Class 1 Bike Path / Class II Bike Lanes on Arrow Highway

At the Dec 18th, the La Verne City Council Meeting heard recommendations from staff regarding a bike path/bike lanes along Arrow Highway (which was originally proposed in a grant the City received). Due to conflicts with the Gold Line, the Council approved discontinuing the effort to put a dedicated bike path (Class 1) next to Arrow Highway. This is logical as the Gold Line has informed the City it will require all the space available, and there will not be room for the bike path.

However, because the original grant included the Class 1 path, there is concern that Cal Trans may require the return of a portion or all of the grant funds, which would inhibit the City from making other improvements across the City for bicycling. Alternatively, Cal Trans is asking the City to remove a lane in each direction and add bike lanes on Arrow Highway to keep with the intent of the grant. Removing lanes on Arrow Highway obviously raises other concerns, and several residents spoke out against this.

The City Council asked staff to pursue further discussions with Cal Trans, and explore options available. The results of these discussions are expected to come back to the Council at a later date.

This is the second time better accommodations for bicycling was discussed at the City Council in the last two months. Again all the members and the Mayor spoke of the importance and the need to improve. It’s encouraging to see the topic increasingly be part of the mixture at the City Council level reflecting its growing importance.