Mountain Biking

La Verne has the unique benefit of being the starting point for some of the best mountain biking in the region.  The city draws mountain bikers from across the region who come to La Verne to access the trails.   

Marshall Canyon

These trails lead into the mountains north of La Verne, and can be combined with the Claremont Wilderness Park to the East.  The traditional point to access these trails is Oak Mesa Elementary School on Wheeler.  The trails can also be accessed from the La Verne Heights Elementary School on Baseline.  As a result of a donation from the SC Velo Cycling Club, a bike repair stand was installed at the Oak Mesa parking area, allowing for pre/post ride check ups and repairs.   Below are some useful links:


Bonelli Park

Bonelli park has numerous mountain biking trails of all level.  Additionally, it regularly hosts mountain bike races and events of all levels,  amateur, schools and professional.  It also will be the location for the 2028 Olympics mountain bike races.

The traditional starting point for easy access to the trails is from Brackett Airport.   Norms Hangar which is also located at Brackett Airport is a common place for both mountain bikers and road cyclist to have a post-ride meal.  As the results of an Eagle Scout project, a bike repair stand was located at the entry point to the Bonelli Park trails.

More details can be found at the following link:

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