Big Improvements Coming in Pomona

La Verne did not apply during the ATP-Cycle IV grant cycle, however, Pomona did. The Pomona submittal was rated as one of the top 15 across the state, and recommended for $10m funding.
While not in La Verne, Pomona’s proposal contains many connections and routes of interest to those who bicycle in the region. The proposed changes include improvements around the Fairplex, the popular Bonelli loop, and a Class IV lane on Arrow Highway.
Congratulations to Pomona, and a thank-you for helping to make a regionally connected network.

CicLaVia is set to return to La Verne in 2020

The cities of Pomona, La Verne and San Dimas will be joining to together to host a return of CicLaVia, “Heart of the Foothills”. Claremont will not be participating in the next version.  While approved to move forward, and now on the schedule, it is in the very early stages of planning.  Currently, it is planned for April 19, 2020.

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