How you can help

We need you aware and involved

The most important way you can help is to be kept current, and participate in activities that show your support for better & safer Active Transportation options.  Nothing has more impact than when the community demonstrates they are engaged and want improvement.  Our newsletter and Facebook page are great ways to stay current and learn about the opportunities as they arise.

We need your skills

We are all volunteers and welcome the involvement and contributions from others.  Even small contributions can have a large impact.  Here are some opportunities to help:

  • Photography
  • Creating short videos - talk to us about some ideas!
  • Writing short articles for local publications
  • Social Media
  • General outreach and awareness campaigns
  • Web maintenance
  • Working with local schools and parent organizations
  • Working with local businesses
  • Organizing local community bike rides
  • Staffing information tables at events
  • Other ideas?

Do you have the ability to do any of these?  Do you have other ideas or skills to contribute?  Contact us and let us know, we welcome the help!

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