Claremont is growing green

Claremont has always been the local leader in implementing bike infrastructure.  Over the last year, Claremont has begun to implement green highlighting in areas with higher volume and or greater risk of conflicts.    While the use of green paint for visibility/safety is widely adopted in many cities, Claremont is at the forefront of adopting the use in the area.  This week Claremont completed its 3rd intersection incorporating green paint for enhanced safety.  The new lanes are at the Towne Avenue interchange with the 210 freeway, an area especially challenging and intimidating for non-vehicle users.

For La Verne this serves as a good local case study.  La Verne also has a similar freeway crossing at Fruit. (one offramp East of Towne Avenue).  This is a primary route for cyclists who need to connect between the upper / lower portions of La Verne, or access the major East Bound Routes  (Baseline or Bonita).  However, La Verne currently has no plans to create a North / South Route, and although the Bicycle Commuter Gap Closure Project included expanding bike lanes along White, the Fruit/210 interchange was specially excluded leaving a gap. 

Claremont deserves recognition for making the extra effort to address this complex intersection.

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