La Verne Candidate Responses - Active Transportation Committee

Candidate Survey Question #5

Active Transportation Committee:  In 2019, La Verne created an Active Transportation Committee.   The committee is comprised of a mixture of Staff, Citizens and council members.  
Are you aware of the Mission and the Duties of the Active Transportation Committee and do you support them?   If the opportunities arose, would you be a good candidate to join the committee? If so, why?

Mayoral Candidates

Don Kendrick
I am very familiar with this committee, as I helped form it.  Muir Davis is the primary person and the best person to serve on this committee.  Another council member will join him. As Mayor and chair the Youth and Family Action Committee, as well as The Friends of the 4th of July, which takes up a lot of time, I would rather have a council member who has the ability to devote more time and energy, resulting in a better end product.

Tim Hepburn
Yes as I am on the committee.

Zach Gibson

I support the mission of the Active Transportation Committee. If the opportunity arose, I think i would be a good candidate to join the committee but If elected to office, I would want to attend meetings and support before joining committees overall, as to avoid recusal on measures and conflicts of interest, which in turn would be much more productive in passing legislation and policy that supports ATC.

City Council Candidates

Jeremy Milici
I am also aware of the Active Transportation Committee. I believe this to be a somewhat newly formed committee in response to the need to prioritize pedestrian transportation. Duties range from evaluating which sort of safety measures need to be taken to the evaluation of local policies relating to active transportation. I feel as though I would be a great candidate for this committee and would be more than happy to serve in order to improve the safety and availability of quality active transportation measures. 

Kenny Chang
I am aware of the committee and its mission, and I would be a good candidate to join because it not only requires planning, but also proper funding to improve or design an adequate transit plan for a historical city like La Verne.

Rich Gill
I was not aware of this committee until you posted this question.  I hope I can contact you to get a better understanding of this and the importance to the riders in your coalition.  I like to think that I am available to any who ask and if chosen to be on this committee I would ask those that ride to gain more ideas for a positive step forward.

Rick Crosby
I have read and aware of the mission and duties of the Active Transportation Committee and if the opportunity arose I would be willing to join the committee.  I feel I am a good candidate because I would bring awareness to the youth of La Verne and build a campaign on walking/riding to school. We need to get our younger residents to be more active. 

Wally Emory
Same answer as question 3.   (Complete Streets)

Wendy Lau
Yes, I am aware of the Mission and Duties of the Active Transportation Committee and I support them. I believe I would be a good candidate to join the committee as I am interested in ensuring that we have safe pathways for multiple modes of travel and all demographics. As someone who enjoys running, it matters to me that I (and others) have safe pathways to use. Additionally, as someone who also drives and uses public transportation for work, I think my input as a multiple modality user would be helpful.

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